2nd Industrial Zone- Minor Indistries Area - Borg Al-Arab- Alexandria Telefax:  034595490 - Mobile: 01022452299 - 01022452277 - 01022452266amanplastcompany@ yahoo.com


The company was founded in October 2001, was founded by a group of engineers with long experience in the field of plastic since 1977 and the purpose of this company in the production of packaging for the cosmetics, hotels and Paints with closures

Until the company became a pioneer for the production of small-sized containers, which represent a high percentage in the plastic market in Egypt and the major paint companies and one of the largest cosmetics companies to export their products packed in containers  More..


2nd Industrial Zone- Minor Indistries Area - Borg Al-Arab,



Telefax: 034595490

Mobile : 01022452299 - 01022452277 - 01022452266